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Service description

CryptoAdvisor is a bot that allows you to follow the price of hundreds of cryptocurrency. It also let's you get buy and sell tips according to the results of a mathematical algorithm.

CryptoAdvisor is not a financial advisory service, but software that continuously queries de crypto market to retrieve prices and make calculations and predictions according to the virtual portfolio you manually configured. CryptoAdvisor does not have access or holds any of your cryptocurrency.

Premium vs. free features

There are two different levels of service you can use in CryptoAdvisor. Our free version offers:

  • Virtual Portfolio: An aggregated view of up to 3 cryptos, with its value summed up, the percentage representation, and the quantity of each.
  • Analysis of the currency evolution, trends, and graphs.
  • Alerts: when there are essential price changes in the coins you watch or in the value of your portfolio.
  • Backtesting: Simulation of your portfolio's results in the past if you had applied the information provided by the bot.

The Premium service adds the following features to the catalog of free ones:

  • Increased portfolio: Removes the limit of coins you can add in the portfolio.
  • Weekly buy and sell advice: based on the calculations of the algorithm.
  • Instant advice: without waiting until next Monday, useful when you just altered the amounts in your portfolio.
  • Priority support when you need to talk to us

Service sign up

To sign up for the Premium service, write /subscribe in the bot and follow its instructions. During the sign-up process, you will be redirected to a secure payment gateway (Stripe), where you'll have to introduce the credit card details. The credit card data is stored and handled by Stripe; we do not have access to it. You can choose if you want to renew the service on a monthly or yearly basis automatically.

Once we have the confirmation from Stripe that the payment is completed successfully (it takes a few seconds), we will activate the Premium subscription, and you will be able to enjoy all of its features.

Discount codes

If you have a discount code, you can apply it right before the payment, click on Details and click on the link to Add a promotion code. You have an example in the following image:

applying discount code

Ending or changing your subscription

You have a customer portal that lets you manage your subscription, billing details, or cancel the service.

You can access it following these steps:

  • Type /settings
  • Click on Premium Subscription
  • Click on Manage subscription.

The bot will redirect you to the subscription management page on Stripe. You will see a page similar to the screenshot behind:

Terminate or change subscription

If you click on the Change plan button, you can switch between the monthly and the yearly renewal period, or even change your credit card details. If you click on Cancel plan, you will cancel the subscription at the end of a billing period.

In case you cancel your plan, you can keep using all Premium functionalities until the date we billed you for

Our subscription plans


To follow the market

  • Monitoring of your investment

  • Prices and insights about any cryptocurrency

  • Periodic market reports

  • Real-time alerts

  • Backtesting

Most popular

🎖 Premium quarterly

1999 /quarter
Best value

🎖 Premium yearly

5999 /year
(4,99€/month in a prorated calculation)
  • All features from the quarterly plan, but...

  • Saving one quarter!

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