What is CryptoAdvisorClub?

CryptoAdvisorClub is a Telegram bot. It reads the cryptocurrencies market and analyzes data to give you meaningful insights to help you make better investment decisions.

How does it work?

CryptoAdvisorClub follows the market by pulling data from Exchanges. It notifies you when there are relevant changes in the cryptocurrency trends and sends you weekly recommendations to buy or sell. Our recommendations algorithm is based on variations of the AIM method by Robert Lichello, with some predictive techniques based on machine learning algorithms like LS-SVM.

Long story short, the bot follows a conservative approach to invest, based on several factors:

  • The amount of money you've decided to invest
  • The crypto distribution and its value representativity in your investment
  • The evolution of every crypto's price.

The system will profit from the crypto market's high price volatility, protecting you in price-dropping scenarios, and let you earn benefits in price-rising scenarios.

☕️  Every Monday morning the bot will check the status of your portfolio and every crypto value, and will apply the recommendations algorithm to send you personalized advice.

CryptoAdvisorClub does not operate with or have access to your actual assets.

Remember that a wallet is a virtual aggregate of currencies, values, percentages and quantity.

How much money can I lose or win?

CryptoAdvisor is not a get-rich-quick system, and we cannot assure you will always beat the market with our proposed strategy.

The system is conservative and suggests you buy and sell incrementally. It means that when the markets are on-fire, CryptoAdvisor will get less money for you than just holding the position. In return, when things go wrong, CryptoAdvisor will minimize the loss. Yes, you can lose money: If you buy crypto and then its price goes down and down, no system can save you.

CryptoAdvisor's recommendations are best when there is volatility and takes advantage of the constant spikes and drops. You earn money because of the changes and not so much because of a crypto's specific price.

💡  Remember that you can always try the results with your whole portfolio or specific crypto with the /backtesting command.

And caution: past performance is not an indicator of future results.

Will you recommend me what crypto assets to buy?

No. CryptoAdvisor doesn't offer specific recommendations about what cryptos to add to your portfolio. The algorithm recommendations are based on the information you provide us: what assets, what starting amount do you have in your portfolio and what money do you have available to invest. If you haven't invested before in cryptos, and you'd like some advice to start, we'd recommend you to read our starting guides.

What personal data do you store

We store the minimum data you provide to us when you add our bot to Telegram, like the username of your Telegram ID, necessary for the minimum bot functionality.

🔒  All user data is ciphered using AES-256, a military-grade encryption standard, so it won't be possible to cross your data or activity even with you or your Telegram account, even in an attack or data-leak scenario.

About my investment''s privacy

Even we don't know who you are, where do you live, or what telephone number do you have, if you decide to use the recommendations algorithm, you have to share your money balance and cryptocurrencies. In case you want to share this information with the bot, we store the user information ciphered using AES-256, a military-grade encryption standard.

Even if our database was stolen or hacked, the database's content is useless without a decrypting key (the key does not live in the database, neither the codebase).

In short, we don't know who you are, or even if the money to invest you are telling us is remotely true. If you tell us a fraction or multiplication of your investment, the recommendations will work too proportionally.

Is communication secure?

CryptoAdvisorClub is a Telegram bot. When you exchange information with the bot, all communication happens inside the Telegram ecosystem using a ciphered channel (TLS), offering you the protection of the exchanged data's privacy and integrity while in transit. It also protects against man-in-the-middle attacks, and the bidirectional encryption of communications between the client (you) and the server (Telegram) protects the communications against eavesdropping and tampering.

In practice, this provides a reasonable assurance that you are exchanging data without interference from attackers.

Where is my data?

Your data lives between Telegram (we don't have any control over this) and our data center, located in Finland. The service runs in a private ecosystem. No other customers of the data center have access to our servers.

What is the Premium subscription?

You can use CryptoAdvisor for free, but you will need a Premium subscription if you want to take advantage of all its potential. On the Premium page, we explain everything in detail:

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