Your robo advisor for cryptocurrency investment

Invest in cryptocurrencies with personalized recommendations, education and common sense.

Easy, calm and conservative investment

With cryptos? 🤔 Yes, it's possible. Our system will analyze your portfolio and your investment preferences, and will send you weekly recommendations.

A conservative data-driven strategy

We don't try to predict the future. We try to mitigate the risk with a mid & long term focused strategy.

Weekly recommendations
We believe that it is important to remove the emotional factor from investment decisions. For this, it is important to apply a method and stick to a strategy. Our bot will help you develop those habits, providing you with weekly recommendations based on your portfolio, which will allow you to take advantage of the volatility of the cryptocurrency market to your benefit.
Know the market
Our bot is always on and you ask for prices and signals for the market anytime.
Get real-time alerts
Our bot will alert you promptly when it detects significant changes in your favorite currencies price or your portfolio valuation.
Follow the evolution of your investment
You can manage and watch your investment evolution. All our bot's recommendations will be personalized based on your portfolio and interests.

Our subscription plans


To follow the market

  • Monitoring of your investment

  • Prices and insights about any cryptocurrency

  • Periodic market reports

  • Real-time alerts

  • Backtesting

Most popular

🎖 Premium quarterly

1999 /quarter
Best value

🎖 Premium yearly

5999 /year
(4,99€/month in a prorated calculation)
  • All features from the quarterly plan, but...

  • Saving one quarter!

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